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Onia x Tango


Onia Australian Shepherd black bicolor minimal white
togo australian shepherd black bicolor

Oniahaka of the Starry Mountain

Hip Dysplasia: FAIR (OFA) (=B+)

Elbow Dysplasia: NORMAL (OFA)

HSF4-A: +/+ (by parentage)

APR: +/+ (by parentage)

AOC: +/+ (by parentage)
DM: +/+

Eye defects: Unharmed

Togo Of Little Blue Stars

Hip Dysplasia: B
Elbow Dysplasia: 0
MHOC: Indeme
HSF4-A: +/+
APR: +/+
MDR1: +/-

AOC: +/+
DM: +/+
HUU: +/+
CMR1: +/+
CLR6: +/+
DNA: Yes

Born June 3, 2024

M1 Male Black two -tone Short Tail - AVAILABLE

M2 Male Black two- tone Short Tail - AVAILABLE

F1 Female Black Two-tone Short Tail   AVAILABLE

F2 Female Black Bicolor Short Tail AVAILABLE

F3 Female Black Bicolor Short Tail AVAILABLE

Photos of the litter:

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